Arcane Gotham


We open in Clancy’s Trust & Sale, with Jack and xxx hanging out, when a familiar face enters the shop. Walt Sawyer’s seen better days. A classmate of Jack & Ken’s from Professor Monotolli’s class, who it was believed had dropped the class, is now a ghost. After talking with Jack in the back room, xxx sent Jill home for the evening, calls Ken, and closes the shop to meet on campus.

Everyone arrived at the Student Center, and then followed Walt’s ghost to where he believes he was murdered, an alleyway outside of his apartment. Upon investigation, Ken determines that there is some strangeness, in rain puddles where none belong. They ring up, to see if they can continue the investigation in Walt’s apartment, which he shares with another classmate, Emma Kim. xxx takes his cat form, and rides along in Jack’s bag until he senses someone hiding upstairs (motion, high heart rate, breathing), he runs up and sees a fellow trying to hide by the fire exit. Ken & Jack run up the stairs, and Jeff, the TA from Professor Monotolli’s class, steps into the hall.

“So, looks like you two saved me a trip.”, He says menacingly.


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